Back at it again at Krispy Kreme

Back at it again at Krispy Kreme WHOOOOOOOO CARSE. Follow me on the twitter @TheWyldSLUG



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when you consult a walkthrough and the author decides to keep putting in their random unfunny quips

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like I would understand if it was a one-off joke (which would still be weird as shit) but then it’s apparently mentioned again later like yeah we want to hammer home the point that these turtles have anatomically correct genitalia

April is actually gonna end up fucking one of the turtles isn’t she

TMNT to feature turtles “balls”

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While trailers for the Michael Bay produced TMNT film look promising, all is not well. A source close to the production claims a sequence in the film where April sees Donatello’s ‘balls’ is not likely to be cut. The source described the scene below.

"April is hanging out in the Turtles underground home/lair . Donatello, who is portrayed as the most human like sort of "sexy" of the four is taking a shower. Not realizing he jumps out of the shower - April gasps and does a double take and says something along the lines of "you have those?" . Donatello says something along the lines of "whoa my shell is cold today" before grabbing his boa staff and covering up. It’s a play on the scene from the Sex and the City movie where Samantha catches a man exposing himself after a rooftop shower. April later mentions it in passing to Splinter who says "they are anatomically correct…" or something similar. "

It sounds like a cheap laugh but not totally out of character. Some of the other news of this films potty humor mentions Splinter talking about how hard it is to goto the bathroom in his suit and a pizza party that jokes about “4/20” . 


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I don’t care

I wish I lived in a wasteland